Our crew of riders range from sponsored pros to seasoned veterans of the loam ribbons. They can do everything from teach skills clinics to help you build your next trail, test products and be an ambassador for you.  Check them out below.


SKYE NACEL-Owner/Founder-Mocean MTB

Skye first began riding bikes in the early 90's but it wasn't until he met a motley crew of riders in VT in 2001 that he was enlightened to the ways of free riding. It's been a wild ride since and his bike and the surrounding culture has forged who he is today.

He has raged down mountains in Peru at the Megavalanche, and done the TransCascadia Enduro in Oregon. Skye has built professional trails both independently and with various commercial trail building crews from New England to Oregon and worked alongside industry luminaries ranging from Frank the Welder to Kirt Voreis.

He has emceed, produced and organized MTB specific events for brands like Red Bull and Highland Mountain Bike Park,  built pump tracks and backyard trails for stoked customers from east coast to west. He has hosted TV and radio programs dedicated to the sport and led kids and adults bike camps, workshops and clinics. He has worked as a professional guide, photographer, filmer, named bike models, broke some bones, been a product tester, ambassador and representative for numerous MTB companies and helped young riders develop into full fledged pros.

He volunteers hundreds of hours annually into trail development and is currently the Brand Ambassador Director for Guerrilla Gravity Bikes as well as a PMBIA certified guide and certified WFA. He teaches movement as well and is a MovNat Level 2 Certified Trainer and is certified as a Broga teacher.

He also loves to surf, play drums, building with his hands and teaching others tricks of the trades. He lives the #tinyhomes and #vanlife in Oregon at the moment, here he has built trails right out the front door(literally) that he rides with his best friend and life and riding partner, Meg.


                                              photo by Ben Van Avermaete @bvanav
My name is Sasha and I'm a mountain bike athlete, trail builder, coach, and stoke builder. I currently focus mostly on producing photo and video projects for the brands I ride for, building creative features, and traveling and exploring new riding spots as much as possible. Mostly, I'm deep in the woods constructing some weird new trail feature that has popped into my mind. I grew up riding BMX and I'm a dirt jumper primarily, so I like to blend dirt jump style features into DH and freeride trails. Mother nature has created some pretty spectacular landscapes and terrain for us to ride bikes on, so I like to take advantage of her work with features complimenting the natural highlights of whatever land I can find.
                                                photo by Ben Van Avermaete @bvanav
I started the Woodward at Copper MTB program, and helped develop the Rye Airfield Bike Park. My current favorite places to ride are Highland Mountain Bike Park, Whistler, and Bellingham. This is of course liable to change as I continue to explore and build whatever I can. For me, mountain biking is the ultimate blank canvas: I enjoy riding dirt jumps, DH, and trail bikes on just about any terrain- from sketchy DIY skateparks under bridges to loamy backcountry jump trails tucked up high in the hills.
                                                          Photo by Skye Nacel/Mocean365
Thank you to these amazing brands for supporting me, please show them some love: Bern Unlimited, Deity Components, Kenda Tires, Five Ten, Cane Creek, TRP Cycling, and Darn Tough Vermont.
Will Castle-Shred Head
Will lives in his van mostly so he can be mobile and make strategic strikes on biking and building and climbing missions. He hangs off the edge of buildings at his day job hundreds of feet off the ground. He has built trails from Vermont to Lake Tahoe and is a DIY Craftsman who can build whatever he wants.
A skills session with Will is a special thing as he can get you to try and accomplish things you never dreamed possible. Currently the van lives somewhere in the between the wilds of Tahoe and the crazy cityscape of Reno. Climb, bike and build is a pretty regular day for Will and he stokes out whatever campfire huddle he starts.
Will is a brand ambassador for Guerrilla Gravity Bikes and is available for building, coaching and product testing as well as media opportunities and film and photo projects in the Lake Tahoe region.
Joe Cooper-Shred Head
Joe has been obsessed with bikes since 2010, addicted to fast trails and has a growing love for dirt jumping and street riding.Joe has dedicated many hours to developing his skills. He's driven to do this because he has realized that having skills and confidence make every ride so much more FUN!!!  And hey, that's why we all ride bikes right? It's crazy good fun, and as a bonus we develop fitness, balance and coordination.
He is also PMBIA certified MTB instructor and Wilderness First Aid certified. He has 3+ years professional guiding experience and experience leading workshops and clinics teaching others skills. He is in the Salem Oregon area and works on his skills every moment possible. Last week he landed his first 360 and builds training trails, obstacles, and jumps in his backyard forest.
Mick Coleman-Shred Head
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                                      Megan Walsh-Mocean MAMA
                                      Tom Lyons-Shred Head
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